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Your house means a lot to you. It is the place that holds you at your best and your worst. To protect your house from all the destructive forces from outside is your responsibility, and Chesterfield Roofing Experts acknowledges that.

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Proper roof installation ensures less money out of your pocket, meaning if it is in place, chances are it will be like that for years to come. That means that you should focus on doing it once professionally rather than getting it fixed every two years, draining your valuable money out.
When you get roof installation done professionally, it comes with a warranty. Professional help puts the nails in the right places, lays the shingles accurately, so you do not need to worry about it getting off track now and then. If, however, you did not seek professional help initially and there are inaccuracies, companies might and, in most cases, will choose not to honor the warranty.

We, like you, are committed to giving your house a roof to protect your house at all times.
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Before rebuilding or installing a new roof, it is vital to remove the old roofing first. Multiple layers can lead to premature failure instead of additional protection. We carefully and entirely remove the old roofing and start our work from scratch in our proven style.


After taking off the old roofing, we examine the roof and look for any moist areas or weak spots that may cause damage later. Roof sheathing consists of flat panels that provide support to the base and structural aid. The positions on the base where the shingles are attached must be sturdy and resistant to damage. We judge every location to determine the best place to attach them.


In Michigan you’re prone to ice during the winter. Consider installing an ice and water barrier around your roof. It helps the edges that easily get stuffed with ice become more prone to it, and adheres to the sheathing, and makes up for added strength and stability. Our roofing experts have a vast knowledge of the weather patterns and install these barriers strategically to mitigate any damage from ice or water.


The drip edge goes down in two different parts of the roof installation. In the lower part, it goes on before the underlayment and the sides on after the underlayment. Most importantly, nail it into place against the roof.

Wondering this process is foremost and need somebody professional to do it? Chesterfield Roofing Experts makes the process easier for you by taking care of all little details that an amateur could not deal with and confirming that we do all of the above and so much more to give you the best of our services.

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Professionals install your roof, so there is room for adequate ventilation that keeps your roof good-looking, fresh, and strong. To avoid any improper roofing, contact us. Our experts understand the needs of you and the home before beginning our job. We take every precaution and adhere to the manufacturer’s guide, as it is a mark of a professionally installed roof. To protect you against losses and make sure you get the best for your home, Chesterfield Roofing Experts is always available. We make your house a better, safer, and stronger place.

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